marzo 23, 2021


It is a Spanish technology company focused on smart cities, especially in the field of lighting and energy. The company seeks to contribute to the optimization […]
diciembre 9, 2020

Able Power Products

From the United States, for the second consecutive year Able power products confirms its participation in EXPO I 2021, The founders of ABLE POWER PRODUCTS have […]
diciembre 9, 2020

Seoul Semiconductors

November 30, 2020. For the third consecutive year, the world leader in led lighting confirms its participation in EXPO I 2021. With sales of approximately 1.2 […]
diciembre 9, 2020

Duplicado: GMR Enlights

The Italian manufacturer of public and urban lighting confirms participation in EXPO I 2021. GMR ENLIGHTS is an established Italian lighting manufacturer with more than 25 […]
diciembre 9, 2020

SM Servimeters

We are a conformity assessment body with more than 17 years of experience, accredited for the calibration of meters, inspection of elevators and electrical installations RETIE […]
diciembre 5, 2020


Accredited by the ONAC in Colombia since 2012, and with permanent investments to improve the certification process. Lenor Colombia is part of the Lenor Group, experience […]
diciembre 5, 2020


November 30, 2020. From Italy do not miss the best of decorative design in the world of lighting. The recognized ability of Zava and Zafferano in […]
diciembre 5, 2020


From Italy do not miss the best of decorative design in the world of lighting. Because good design has always been in ZAVA’s DNA. With more […]
diciembre 5, 2020


If you manufacture, import or market products in the country, you may require a product certification. Our team guarantees agility, expertise and confidence in the conformity […]
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