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The third edition of the Smart Lighting, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities EXPO of Colombia, as a process of transformation and adaptation of FIEC as a base project, successfully brought together the main government entities, institutions, associations, regulatory entities, producers, distributors and consumers of Smart Technologies, opening spaces for debate and exhibition of the main technologies already proven successful in other territories for the first time in the country, so it will become a key event for the growth of the Smart Cities industry in Colombia due to connections formed.


Thanks to the special focus of City Fairs with the Smart Lighting, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities EXPO of Colombia, 100% specialized in smart connectivity, we were able to generate commercial relationships between producers, transformation actors, agencies and entities in charge of these functions in the country and region, presenting trends, research, pilot projects, initiatives and management models that will finally be able to materialize in observable development and therefore in improvement of the quality of life of all Colombians.


Medellín, the second most populated city in the country with 2,533,424 inhabitants, with 5 townships, 16 communes and 275 neighborhoods, recognized in 2013 as the most innovative city in the world by The Wall Street Journal, The Urban Institute and The Citi Group, above cities such as Tel Aviv and New York, became a model of Smart development and constant innovation for Colombia, South America and the world, which is why it was selected in our project as a kick-off in a job that seeks to spread the need for innovation and creative models throughout our territory.

The Smart Lighting, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities EXPO of Colombia, due to its character of innovation, competence and trajectory of three editions, continues to consolidate itself as a growth manager, sowing one of its first fruits in Medellín, but working constantly with institutions, public administrations and necessary planning rectors to execute the ultimate mission of taking the Smart Societies model to all the necessary frontiers.

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