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The second edition of EXPO I was held in September 2019. Where more than 70 exhibiting brands participated; with more than 2500 professional visitors.

35 conferences throughout the 3-day fair, where the Colombian Chamber of Energy (CCE) developed its seminar on Energy Efficiency and Business Productivity, with the participation of leading brands in the sector such as: ABB, LEGRAND, GREEN YELLOW, with presentations made by ENEL, UPME, EMCALI, INDRA.

The National Council of Electrical Technicians (CONTE) in the company of its Costa Rican counterpart (ADE) developed the “Afternoon of the Electrician Technician”, thus closing the first day of the Fair. 

On the second day of the Fair under the leadership of the prestigious publishing house and our strategic partner smartLIGHTING, the “Lighting Congress” was held, where the main brands and associations such as: the National Association of Public Lighting and Smart Cities (ANAP) and the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (AMFALUM) in the company of the main national brands such as CELSA and international brands such as SEOUL SEMICONDUCTORES had a discussion table around the main trends of the industry in Colombia and the region. 

On the third day, the tenth anniversary of the National Lighting Engineering Association ACDL was celebrated with the participation of all the actors of the Colombian Lighting industry with the accreditation of the most important media of the Lighting sector in the region, such as ILUMINET.

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